Freddy Krueger Just Can’t Catch A Break…

I like his smoothie coupon lol 😉


Trick R Treat 2

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Trick R Treat 2

Michael Dougherty, writer of Trick R Treat is developing a sequel, and fans of the first film are cheering yes! He finally realized the need for a sequel based off the feedback from the cult films fans and followers. There’s no script finished for it yet, but Michael states that the sequel will focus on the Sam character a little bit more. You remember Sam? The little demonic pumpkin head character who wore the adorable orange onesie? He’s the enforcer of Halloween and punishes anyone who refuses to follow the rules of the holiday. The first movie was fun to watch, humorous, and I really enjoyed how the different stories tied in at the end. This film may also be released in theaters unlike its predecessor which was released straight to dvd. This is awesome 🙂

“I just want to say thank you to the fans. This sequel which is definitely being made because of fan demand, and because of word of mouth, which has been building for years. It’s not a sequel that’s just being rushed out because the movie had a big opening weekend. This is a sequel that people actually want, which I think is a rarity. I’m just eternally grateful for the fans for the constant, constant support.”
Michael Doughertty

Manson Family Series

images (2)Rob Zombie’s at it again! He’s collaborating with  Bret Easton Ellis (author of American Psycho) and will be directing the upcoming Manson family mini-series for the Fox network . The script will be written by Ellis and the stories will focus on the lives of the characters leading up to the murders. Sounds promising especially considering the abundant wave of super-hero shows we’ve been drowning in. Can’t wait to see this!