Wolf Creek 2


John Jarratt reprises his role as Mick Taylor, the psychotic, sinister, demented killer who stalks unsuspecting tourists in the Australian outback. I found his performance pretty hilarious. He was definitely cheeky to say the least. In this movie you get to see just how sick and twisted this character really is, and how far he takes his torture. It’s apparent that his disdain for his fellow man is something that doesn’t bother him one bit. He’s aggressive, extreme, and a bold figure who doesn’t take  shit, and will literally gut anyone who stands in his way.
Some of the things that the tourists do in these movies can come off as a little annoying. You know, the classic scenes where the victim finally gets ahold of a weapon, and injures the creep who’s trying to kill them. Yet instead of finishing off the perpetrator they drop their weapon when they think the killer is dead and turn their back on him. In your mind you’re thinking shoot him again! Again dammit! Aside from that I think it’s a good sequel. You shouldn’t get bored with this one. Grab some snacks, grab your girl/guy, and cozy up with this romantic little thriller killer fest.


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