Evil Dead TV Series

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images (2)I remember the first time I saw The Evil Dead. I was at my cousins house, and I could overhear him watching it in the living room. I kept hearing maniacal giggling, chainsaws, and screaming. So naturally I had to find out what he was watching, and it was definitely a “what the hell?” moment for me. I thought that Evil Dead was the most terrifying movie I had EVER seen. The camera movements freaked me out as well as the make-up and special effects. And yes, I haven’t forgotten about Bruce Campbell because he’s just brilliant.

With that being said, Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell announced at the San Diego Comic-Con that they are working on writing and producing The Evil Dead tv series. Mr. Campbell himself will star as our beloved character Ash. As expected many who love The Evil Dead franchise are more than elated. As always with these announcements, they’re not giving away too much information but we do know that Sam Raimi, Ivan Raimi, and Bruce Campbell will be head writers. Some fans have mixed feelings about the series, and some don’t believe that it’ll happen at all. We’ll just have to anxiously wait until their next announcement in hopes that the show gets picked up by a good network.



2 thoughts on “Evil Dead TV Series

    • Brisco County!!!!!! Yeahhhh! Fox needs to bring that show back. But I don’t think Bruce could film 2 shows at once lol 🙂 can’t wait for evil dead man


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