Afflicted Review

downloadAfflicted is a Canadian found footage film about two friends named Clif and Derek(they also wrote and directed the movie) who decide to travel around the world and document adventures on their travel blog for their family and friends. Derek’s doctors advise him not to travel  because of his avm(cerebral arteriovenous malformation) condition. With this condition he could die at any time, but this movie has to go on so Derek decides he has to travel anyway.

While on holiday, they decide to make a stop in France because they want to see their friend’s band play a show at a trendy Parisian nightclub.  During the show Derek meets and hits it off with an attractive woman named Audrey, and they decide to retreat to his hotel room where they get to know each other a little better wink wink  😉 😉

A little later on in the evening Derek’s friends decide to check in on him, and they find him back at his hotel room lying in bed, covered in blood and bruises, and left unconscious. Audrey is no where in sight, and when they wake Derek up it seems he can’t remember a thing.

For a directorial debut it wasn’t as bad as it could have  been, but it’s another film I think I would’ve enjoyed more had I seen it played out as a traditional film. I don’t think their performances as actors was anything to stand and applaud about,  but it’s a found footage horror film so I wasn’t expecting Rain Man. The whole, I’m going to bro-out with my best friend and travel the world to get laid factor was overdone and seemed to drag on and on. It’s as if they were trying way too hard to seem convincing to the audience. Some situations that were supposed to be serious turned out comical because really, who would film their best friend vomiting themselves into a seizure without calling for help all for the sake of  capturing it on film?

I did find that I started enjoying the movie more once Derek finally embraced what he had become and decided to act on it. Unfortunately that doesn’t happen until the film’s conclusion. It wasn’t something I would say run out and rent,  because you may hunt me down for that suggestion. But if you’re really really bored and curious then I would say yeahhhh knock yourself out. I mean REALLY knock yourself out with some liquor or acid or both  to help get you through the first forty-five minutes of the story.

Two Shudders Out Of Five




2 thoughts on “Afflicted Review

  1. Yeah bra, this movie sucked. That whole beginning was just too long. I know they have to make the characters related but I thought it made them douchee. I couldn’t believe the guy still kept uploading what was going on after he killed his friend. Maybe it’s a hidden message about how ppl this age wants constant validation no matter what’s going on. Criminals are even updating their Facebook to let other ppl know they robbed ppl. I am so tired of thr found footage bs.

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