Night Terrors Presents: Hush Little Baby

Impressive short…very creepy. Can’t wait to see the next episode.


Godzilla (2014) Guest Review by Jorge Herrera

thSo for quite a while now, the Hollywood blockbuster has seen some shaky ground as far as quality film is concerned. You’ve had garbage pile up ruthlessly onto the big screen (ie. Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow, 10,000 BC, 2012, Transformers, etc.) and of course, you’ve had some mildly decent successes, mostly thankful to a few comic book movie adaptations (Dark Knight trilogy, Avengers, Man of Steel, etc.). Sadly, one movie that all us nerds who wear our geekness on our sleeves has met a not-so-pretty fate of turning out to be a gruesomely horrendous and forgettable movie: 2014’s Godzilla.

The movie starts off promising with the help of actor Brian Cranston (Breaking Bad, Malcolm in the Middle) and a setup to what could’ve turned out to be a good film. The serious and apocalyptic undertones of the monstrous catastrophes pending were in motion from the beginning, sucking the viewer who’d been waiting for a serious Godzilla flick all the way in. Sadly, almost immediately, the movie had lost almost all hope with inconsistency after inconsistency as far as details go (the what appeared to be an iPhone in the scene that took place in 1999, wtf? Things like that). The poor acting that comes with a lot of cheesy close-ups of certain actors after them saying something “deep” or “alarming”. Finally, Godzilla’s view as somewhat of a “hero” to a city he’s helping to utterly DESTROY as he’s fighting two other monsters that came on the screen before he was awakened. I’m sorry, but I fail to see the logic in that. However, we do live in an Orwellian nightmare where “War is peace” and we find salvation through death and destruction. So it seems our rooting for the jolly green giant in this tripe would only come natural to the American movie goer.

In conclusion, this movie sucks. Unless you like popcorn movies with the Pacific Rim spirit, go nuts. And enjoy 🙂

Gerald’s Game (1992)


Gerald’s Game is a disturbing suspense thriller written by Stephen King, and published in 1992. The story centers around a woman named Jessie Burlingame and her husband Gerald. The two decide to take a romantic getaway at their cabin in western Maine where Gerald introduces bondage to the marriage in order to spice things up. He’s able to persuade Jessie into letting him handcuff her to the bed but she’s very reluctant. Once he starts to initiate sex by climbing on top of her she quickly changes her mind and begins to plead for him to uncuff her hands but he doesn’t listen. He continues even though he knows she doesn’t want to partake in the game anymore.

Finally, Jessie kicks Gerald in the stomach and the blow is so hard that he falls off the bed and cracks his skull which leads to him having a heart attack. Jessie is left alone and hand cuffed to the bed. She has no way of escaping and her husbands rotting corpse is right in front of her. To top that all off, a stray dog enters the cabin and starts feeding on Gerald.

Stephen presents an excellent mix of disturbing psychological hallucinations and macabre situations. Jessie is forced to use her wits in order to survive the obstacles consuming her including the voices she starts hearing in her head. I’ve been a big fan of Stephen’s work since the age of 12, and wasn’t expecting so much from one twisted scenario. Every fan of horror/thriller novels should have this title in their collection.

Teaser poster for Insidious: Chapter 3 warns of something in your room

Leigh Whannell goes into the further alone.

The next chapter in the Insidious franchise sees Leigh Whannell, who co-wrote and starred in the previous two films, take the helm now that James Wan has opted to use his talents outside of the realm of horror. With a release date already set for May 29th, 2015, Insidious: Chapter 3 is moving along nicely and today we’ve got our first teaser poster for the film. While it’s not the greatest, the art does display some very creepy text that warns of something living in the vents of your room.

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Oculus Review


I wasn’t expecting to like this movie as much as I did. I think I was initially biased about the film because WWE Studios was attached to the production team, but Oculus turned out to be a great psychological horror story. I’m really impressed at how writers Mike Flanagan and Jeff Howard were able to tie in this story linking the past and present in a way that didn’t annoy or confuse. It’s a story that’s well played out and is very unpredictable. When I thought the film was going to head in one direction, it turned out to present something completely unexpected.

Oculus reminds me of Stephen King’s 1408 were we have a supernatural/ haunted object or location that’s able to disorient and confuse it’s victims until they meet an unfortunate fate. Oh, and the ending was perfect. I just finished watching the movie and liked it so much that I jumped right into this review. Do yourself a favor and put Oculus on your list of horror films you must see. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Five Howls out of five 😉

The Purgation

Help support our indie filmmakers in hopes that great projects like The Purgation gets released. We need more creative writers with unique visions and talent to help keep the fantastic horror genre alive. Good luck to Elaine Chu and the cast and crew of The Purgation. This looks like it’s going to be a very disturbing and creepy movie! 🙂


Ouija: The Most Dangerous Game

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Is it just a game? When you ask the Ouija board a question, who is it that answers? What about those stories of Ouija-inspired prophecy and clairvoyance?

What are the dangers of the Ouija board? Do you know the stories of Ouija-inspired murders, madness, obsession and possession?
Exalted by some, condemned by others, there’s no doubt the Ouija is controversial. In this fascinating book Stoker Hunt investigates the history and legacy of this “Mystic Talking Oracle.”

Finished reading this book and it was very interesting. The author dives into the past and present use of the ouija board and I learned things about the board that I never knew. It’s a fun read so check it out.