The Dark Sacrament: True Stories of Modern-Day Demon Possession and Exorcism


The Dark Sacrament gives us a compilation of stories and an inside look at the experiences of those who have suffered through demonic possession, hauntings, and exorcisms to name a few. The authors also outline the work of two active exorcists, Canon William Lendrum who happens to be Protestant and Father Ignatius McCarthy, a Roman Catholic. Kiely and McKenna’s research includes interviews with the families, victims, clergy, and witnesses and the accounts are terrifying. The stories take place in Ireland, and the families names have been omitted to protect identities. The book is very unsettling and will seriously creep you out but will also enlighten the reader and cover the reassessment of attitudes since our age of science.

The following is an excerpt from the chapter “The Boy Who Communes With Demons.” The boy’s name is Gary and his mother Jessica is questioning him about what he saw at the top of the stairs and who his new friend is.

Gary shrugged, unable to meet his mother’s eye. She pressed on. “Kelly says you have a new friend. Is that true?” “Yes. And it’s none of her business.”
“Is that why you were fighting with her? That wasn’t nice. You never used to fight with Kelly.” She sat down next to him. “Who is this boy? Do I know him?”
“What boy?” Gary asked, in seeming innocence.
“You’re new friend!”
“He’s not a boy. He’s a man.”
“What’s this man’s name darling? Do I know him?”
“His name’s Tyrannus.”
“Tyr-What sort of name is that?”
“I dunno.”
“Where did you meet this man?”
“At the river; it was the man I saw on the throne,” he said, his words tumbling out in a torrent, “the one that was like the Devil, only it wasn’t the devil; it was Tyrannus. He was on the stairs, and he was huge; he was ten times bigger than me.”
Jessica could only stare (Kiely,McKenna 75).

I suggest you pick this one up, even if you don’t believe in this kind of stuff- it’s an enjoyable, informative, and scary read to add to your book collection.


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