The Machine 2013 Review


The Machine is a very complex British Sci Fi film starring Caity Lotz as Ava, a scientist who specializes in artificial intelligence. In the story she is able to impress Vincent McCarthy a research scientist who is employed by Britain’s Ministry of Defense, and who has been trying to perfect a self aware and conscious android. Vincent has been trying to perfect this technology because his daughter suffers from a neurological disorder called Rett syndrome, and he believes that with Ava’s assistance he’ll be able to help his little girl. Ava becomes suspicious of Britain’s Ministry of Defense after meeting a wounded soldier and subject of a cybernetic arms experiment who asks her for help. Thomson, the director of cyborg experimentation doesn’t appreciate Ava snooping around and eventually orders her to be killed because she knows too much. After she is murdered, Vincent McCarthy has the idea to use her brain for his new project, an advanced machine or android.

He then creates The Machine with the likeness of Ava’s personality and looks, but with the strength and intelligence of an indestructible and deadly robot. I really enjoyed this movie, but it seemed to have a rushed ending. There were certain scenarios that went without explanation and kind of left me scratching my head. Other than that it’s a good solid story, and Caity Lotz did a great job portraying The Machine. I also liked that the androids had a secret language only understood by them. The movie had decent action scenes, but it didn’t feel as though the film relied on that. I’d give this one three gold stars. Enjoy!


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