WolfCop 2014




Who drinks Kentucky bourbon, eats liquor donuts, and shags 200 year old women while solving town crimes? That’s right baby the Wolf Cop! I loved this movie, it has all the elements that make up a great cult film. Cheesy love making scenes, hilarious one liners, and a wolf cop that drives an actual tricked out wolf-mobile. Leo Fafard stars as Lou, a small town lazy alcoholic cop who gets cursed while investigating the murder of a politician which happened to take place in the woods. While searching through the woods one night he gets knocked out by a cloaked stranger and wakes up in his own bed in the morning only to find a large pentagram carved into his stomach. He has no recollection of what happened the previous night and continues to try investigating the murder. As days go by he notices little changes within himself like his heightened  sense of smell, and his hair which grows  back immediately after shaving. He hasn’t a clue as to what the hell is happening to him, who did this, or why.  His full transformation into a werewolf is great because the filmmakers didn’t rely on CGI,  and went back to the days where make-up, costumes, and puppets where used.

As a werewolf,  he starts cleaning up his town by cracking down on meth labs and shaking up the neighborhood punks. He also drinks a ton of liquor because it actually makes him stronger. He rips the faces off of hardened criminals and handles machine guns like a pro. I don’t want to spoil it for those who really want to see it, but I laughed so hard at Leo Fafard’s performance. He did a great job at portraying both the pathetic, dismal, sorry excuse for law enforcement and the strong, quick witted, crime fighting werewolf who saves the day. I think those who appreciate the cult films of the 80’s would really have fun getting into this film.




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