Moebius (2013)


This film was very well thought out and imaginative. It was disturbing on SO many levels and although it featured no dialogue the actors were able to portray their roles and situations convincingly, proving that you don’t always need dialogue to tell a good story. We follow a well to do middle class family in South Korea and become immersed in their sensually dysfunctional and nightmarish web of chaos. The father,  played by Cho Jae-hyun has an affair with a woman who works at a local convenience store and once his wife (Lee Eun-Woo) finds out she becomes blinded by insane jealous rage leading her to attempt his castration. She doesn’t succeed, and her husband kicks her out of his bedroom instead of calling the police like a lot of men would do in this situation.  She then decides to turn to her sons bedroom, and plans to attack him instead. The attack leaves the son (Seo Young-Joo) without his parts, and from there the husband feels extreme guilt for what has happened. After the wife mysteriously disappears, the husband is obligated to help his son live a somewhat normal life after the tragedy. He goes through great lengths to try to make things right, but their lives just get worse and worse. The movie documents torment in itself and how each character literally gets off on torturing each other mentally and physically. I was impressed with what the director could do with no words, and shocked at most every twist and turn. Their obsession with sadism is chronicled from beginning to end and was like watching a very fucked up game of charades. I suggest you check it out, but be aware that there are some scenes that will temporarily scar you.