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August 1939~August 2015






Housebound (2014)




Housebound is as creative as it is hilarious. I’m not one for comedy-horror, but the writer of this film did such an excellent job with the story that it quickly became one of my favorite horror films.
We follow a tough girl named Kylie who runs the streets committing crime and giving the finger to the law who has no idea what to do with her or how to straighten her out. After a failed robbery attempt the courts decide on house arrest leaving Kylie confined to her childhood home with her mum, delightfully played by Rima Te Wiata. Tensions grow between Kylie and her mum as time goes by, and she shows no signs of remorse for her behaviour. It isn’t until she starts experiencing strange paranormal occurrences within the home that she starts trying to put the pieces to the puzzle together with her mum and security probation officer as to why these things are happening. I really liked how Kylie’s character was a strong female lead. She didn’t frighten easily and was prepared to figure things out her own way. But do the answers lie with their deranged looking neighbor? Is there more to their old house beneath the surface? You’ll just have to watch. It serves up many laughs AND spooks so I doubt you’ll be disappointed. Cheers and Enjoy!