Backcountry (2014)



Backcountry is a very intense and frightening film based on the tragic story of Jacqueline Perry and Mark Jordan. In the film, a couple (Alex and Jenn) decide to embark on a camping trip to revisit an old childhood hang out spot that Alex used to visit. Alex wants to share a bit of nostalgia with Jenn and is excited to lead her to an old lake in the woods. Jenn is a bit reluctant from the start yet agrees to go on the trip. In the beginning of the trip they enjoy themselves and the wilderness. At one point they run into an odd woodsman who offers to cook them fish which puts Alex off a little because he’s a stranger, but the next day they leave it behind them and continue on their way. Once they reach their destination they are astonished to find out that the lake Alex mentioned isn’t there. The lake isn’t there because they never found it, and they ended up at the wrong spot. They soon realize that they are completely lost and that they also have a black bear on their trail. They have no map or cellphone and have to rely on gut instincts to survive. Think about what it’s like to fight and triumph over fatigue, broken bones, starvation, and having a blood thirsty black bear chasing you down as prey. Scary thought isn’t it? I enjoyed this movie but have serious doubts that I’ll be camping in the woods anytime soon.