The Harvest (2013)



The Harvest stars Michael Shannon and Samantha Morton playing Katherine and Richard , a troubled couple with an ill son they’re struggling to take care of. Katherine is a doctor and very neurotic about her son Andy and the type of care he receives at home. His father Richard makes frequent trips to pick up certain medications that are supposed to aid Andy. He is confined to a wheel chair, has no friends, and doesn’t attend school so he’s never experienced friendship with a child his own age until he meets Maryann. She’s an outgoing inquisitive girl who lost her parents in an accident and is sent to live with her grandparents.

While walking around her neighborhood she comes across Andy’s home, and notices him in his bedroom window. She gets his attention and starts visiting him often without his parents knowledge. Andy actually starts enjoying life a bit more playing with his new friend. When his mother finally finds out about Maryann’s visits she bans her from seeing Andy, and nails his windows shut. That doesn’t scare Maryann and she continues seeing him.

She decides to visit him again while his parents are away but gets so distracted she loses track of time. Andy’s parents get back before she has the chance to leave, and she tries to sneak out through his window but discovers they’re nailed shut. She attempts to find another way out but finds she’s trapped, and runs downstairs to the basement where she discovers a disturbing secret about her new friend and his family. Samantha Morton’s performance was reminiscent of Kathy Bates as Annie Wilkes in Misery. In the beginning of the story I found her caring, nurturing, sweet, and over-protective like any mother would be with a sick child. As the film progressed I realized how cold, cruel, and abusive she really was. Her husband Richard was the polar opposite, being more sensitive towards their son and less strict about him having a playmate. Michael Shannon gave a strong supportive performance as a caring father and a man trapped in a loveless marriage. This story has a phenomenal twist and an impressive cast of young actors. I appreciated not being able to figure out where the story was going,  yet still found myself engaged until all was revealed. If you’re a Michael Shannon fan I suggest you see this movie and I believe you’ll enjoy it.















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