Clown (2014)




A young boy named Jack is thrown a birthday party by his parents Kent and Meg. The party was to feature a clown but he became a no show. His father Kent decides to take his place and puts on an old clown outfit that he found in a trunk at a home his real estate company is trying to sell. After the party Kent tries to take his costume off but finds he’s having trouble. He struggles to pull his rubber nose off, the clown wig won’t budge and it’s as if it’s fastened with super glue, and last but not least his clown outfit becomes stuck to his body. He makes many attempts to take it off but it won’t budge. He has to continue living his life in a clown costume which offers up many comedic situations while he goes to work and runs errands. After a while he starts to feel the physical changes within him and realizes that he’s starting to crave the taste of children. Not only must he avoid children, but he also needs answers for the sake of the safety of his own son and wife.

He tries to pinpoint where the costume came from and meets a man named Herbert Karlsson, a costume shop owner who has knowledge about the costumes origins.  Herbert tells him that it’s not a costume at all. It’s the actual skin of an ancient demon cloyne that eats children and there’s no way to remove it. He avoids his family and tries to isolate himself but the transformation continues and so do his cravings.

This movie was frightening and funny as hell. I’m a huge fan of folklore and this film was able to conjure up a new and creative twisted tale that you can frighten your kids with, just kidding. It was more enjoyable and humorous than I thought it would be. With odd situational humour and one mans lonely journey/transformation into the depths of literal hell and madness.




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