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Creep (2014)

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Creep tries to give us a harrowing example of why we should be cautious when making any deals with those we contact through Craigslist. The film is based on a story written by Mark Duplass and Patrick Brice, who also star as  Aaron the videographer and Josef a seemingly eccentric man who creates a post on Craigslist asking for assistance with recording the last few moments of his life. Josef meets with Aaron and tells him that he has brain cancer which can’t be treated. He and his pregnant wife have decided to make a video for their child. Aaron and Josef’s first meeting left me with an immediate sense that something was a bit off with Josef. Once he gets  more in depth with Aaron about his exact needs the head games begin. The story has a good premise, it was original and Mark Duplass gave a pretty good performance playing the crazy, off-centered, eccentric man who just wants to create some descent memories for his son before he dies.

I believe the weak points of the film are the holes in the story and limited character development. I also would have enjoyed the movie more as a regular film not pov.  That would have given the opportunity to present a story with a  stronger background supporting the plot. There are many unanswered questions about Josef who comes off as lonely and possessive but soon  you come to find that he’s a wolf in sheeps clothing.