Wolf Creek Series



The Wolf Creek series 1 left me unsatisfied and rather confused. I really wanted to like the main character, Eve. I wanted her to study this killer this monster who feeds off pain, fear, violence and power all the while hiding at the same time. I wanted her to at least discover his vulnerabilities. She wandered the deserts of the Australian outback with a dog following leads from strange townsfolk and outrunning a detective who encouraged her to return back to her home in the US instead of trying to dig into her family’s brutal murder while on holiday. She seemed to want to take the revenge route but she never learned to use firearms or any other effective weapon that could take Mick out. She learned how to throw spears. She traveled the deserts of the outback over a decent period of time…..escaped possible kidnapping, worked at a girlie bar, and ran from motorcycle gangs only to find and throw spears at Mick.

I felt kind of disappointed because I REALLY enjoy the Wolf Creek movies and the main character Mick. The adaptation fell a bit flat. Mick himself is a great character and saved the show from falling too far into this confusing abyss …but I wanted more from the girl than what was written for her character. The only thing I can think of is maybe the writers wanted to take her character through different phases. The phase that we see in the first series could be her naive, vulnerable, ignorant phase. Of course she wouldn’t know what she wants to do after discovering her entire family butchered. Of course she’d wander around in confusion wondering how the hell she was meant to catch this man. Shock may have taken her over while trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together. The next series could show us the evolution of a fiercer Eve. Although I didn’t entirely like this series and expected more; I’d  give the second series a chance from the mere fact that there is so much of the story left open. Lucy has unfinished business and still has a lot to learn.