Silent Hills for Playstation 4




For die hard fans of Silent Hill the departure of Guillermo Del Toro and Hideo Kojima was a huge blow. Fans everywhere were excited and looking forward to the most recent installment of the Silent Hill installment Silent Hills which was to include voice over contributions by The Walking Dead’s, Norman Reedus. After all the buzz things just fell flat after Kojima decided to part ways with Konami for good reasons. Guillermo has been quoted as saying “Fuck Konami” and I couldn’t agree more. The Silent Hill franchise has the most loyal fan base,  and in terms of sales would have made Konami a great profit. I’m disappointed in where Silent Hill is heading in general. There’s no new news about the game and the sequel to the Silent Hill movie, 2001’s Silent Hill: Revelation was incredibly disappointing. I’m a total fan-girl, over obsessed, Silent Hill nerd fanatic and this game’s concept is so cool that it’s surprising to see Konami put such an iconic and classic game on the back burner. People are literally waiting and creating blogs, websites, Facebook fan pages,etc to keep what makes this franchise so special alive. We fans are addicted to the stories, the creatures, protagonists, and everything else that lured us into this game in the first place.

Dearest Konami,

Silly, silly, stupid, stupid, decision. Don’t you want to make money while pleasing a loyal fan base which would guarantee great profits??? Don’t you want to give us our Pyramid Head fix encouraging fan-nerds everywhere to bring it with cos-play at our local comic-cons? Didn’t you think about The Walking Dead fans and how they’d flock to support the brilliant Norman Reedus as he crossed over into this hellish world?

Anyway, to read some more details about the falling out and the future of our beloved game click the link below.


What do you think about the next Silent Hill game? Do you think it’ll ever happen? Is Konami done with this franchise for good?


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