A Horror Monster Profile: Pinhead aka, The Hell Priest

I introduce you to Pinhead our favorite horror demon from the underworld. With a sadistic yet eloquent way with words for his victims who have an innate hunger for the knowledge of the unknown. He is the dark lord genie whom answers to the call of those who play with the infamous Puzzle Box. He is the existential and superior force that sees to the erotic demise of those who  wish to see that in which they wish they hadn’t seen. His faithful cenobites follow his command in caring for the chambers of the underworld. The scene is cold, dark, dank, wet, and in the distance you may hear echoes from patrons experiencing pain and pleasure all writhed up into one kaleidoscope of unimaginable terrors.



Played by: Doug Bradley in Clive Barkers Hellraiser (1987), Hellbound:Hellraiser II, Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth

Age: Immortal (and it’s not very polite to ask a demon’s age tisk tisk)

Occupation: Guardian of the demonic underworld and Lead Cenobite

Best Quotes:

“Your pain will be legendary, even in Hell!”

“No tears please…for they are a waste of good suffering”

Human Occupation: Soldier, British Army

Fellow Cenobites: The Female Cenobite, Chattering Cenobite, “Butterball” Cenobite