Wolf Creek Series



The Wolf Creek series 1 left me unsatisfied and rather confused. I really wanted to like the main character, Eve. I wanted her to study this killer this monster who feeds off pain, fear, violence and power all the while hiding at the same time. I wanted her to at least discover his vulnerabilities. She wandered the deserts of the Australian outback with a dog following leads from strange townsfolk and outrunning a detective who encouraged her to return back to her home in the US instead of trying to dig into her family’s brutal murder while on holiday. She seemed to want to take the revenge route but she never learned to use firearms or any other effective weapon that could take Mick out. She learned how to throw spears. She traveled the deserts of the outback over a decent period of time…..escaped possible kidnapping, worked at a girlie bar, and ran from motorcycle gangs only to find and throw spears at Mick.

I felt kind of disappointed because I REALLY enjoy the Wolf Creek movies and the main character Mick. The adaptation fell a bit flat. Mick himself is a great character and saved the show from falling too far into this confusing abyss …but I wanted more from the girl than what was written for her character. The only thing I can think of is maybe the writers wanted to take her character through different phases. The phase that we see in the first series could be her naive, vulnerable, ignorant phase. Of course she wouldn’t know what she wants to do after discovering her entire family butchered. Of course she’d wander around in confusion wondering how the hell she was meant to catch this man. Shock may have taken her over while trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together. The next series could show us the evolution of a fiercer Eve. Although I didn’t entirely like this series and expected more; I’d  give the second series a chance from the mere fact that there is so much of the story left open. Lucy has unfinished business and still has a lot to learn.



Enjoy Ligeia by Edgar Allan Poe and narrated by Vincent Price. My brother and I used to listen to Edgars tales whenever it rained outside. Vincent Price has always been my favorite narrator of his stories. Enjoy your evening and be safe!

Rigor Mortis 殭屍 (2013)




A retired actor, Chin Siu-Ho moves into an old run down apartment building after an attempted suicide where he meets an eccentric group of tenants and the apartment manager Uncle Yin. He eventually finds out that the building is haunted by hostile spirits and a vampire. Uncle Yin abandoned as a child, is a vampire hunter and the apartment manager. One of the tenants falls to his death down a flight of stairs running from a demon. He’s found by one of the tenants and the neighbors tell his wife.
The wife is so devastated that she decides to turn to black magic and gets help from a warlock to bring him back. The warlock recites a ritual and puts an intricate mask on the deceased husbands face but warns the wife to never take it off. While left alone with his body, she examines the mask on his face and begins to mourn because of all the cherished memories she has of him. She finally goes against the warlocks advice and removes the mask. He is now free to wreak havoc in the apartment building with a thirst for flesh and blood.

The actor begins to experience more of the supernatural prompting him to investigate the buildings dark history which he learns more about from Uncle Yin. From there he and Uncle Yin become adversaries in an attempt to cleanse the building of it’s evil spirits and demons. You’ll get a glimpse into the lives of eccentric tenants bound together by the supernatural. They’re caught between two dimensions. One of the living and on the other end of the spectrum a world of everything else you’ve ever read, watched, or heard about the creatures of folktales and the paranormal. The story reminds me of Ghost Busters but it’s darker, never campy, and more action packed. The protagonists literally fight the creatures from the netherworld. They still use relics to aid them but as you’ll see if you watch Rigor Mortis it proves to be a very arduous task.






Mind Trap





Mind Trap is an action packed and humorous sci-fi thriller about a young boy named Rudy and his mentor,  Mr. Kloom. Rudy is a boy with a special gift. The only problem is -he doesn’t know how to control it. There are other’s that share the same gift and aren’t as innocent as he is. They are greedy and will stop at nothing to destroy each other in order to harness more power for themselves. Mr. Kloom serves as mentor and protector, a man with the same gift who drifts through life as a toilet paper salesman and pill popping drunk. Mr. Kloom adds to the hilarity of the story just when you’d imagine there’d be no room for laughter. I really enjoyed this story and can’t wait for a sequel. It’s an impressive first novel that was  imagined and written over the course of one summer. Here’s hoping  J.R. Brule has many more boring summers to bring us a series of adventures for Rudy and Mr. Kloom. I am suggesting that you pick this up if you like science fiction and need something fun to read this summer.











Creep (2014)

creep-movie-images-2015 creep



Creep tries to give us a harrowing example of why we should be cautious when making any deals with those we contact through Craigslist. The film is based on a story written by Mark Duplass and Patrick Brice, who also star as  Aaron the videographer and Josef a seemingly eccentric man who creates a post on Craigslist asking for assistance with recording the last few moments of his life. Josef meets with Aaron and tells him that he has brain cancer which can’t be treated. He and his pregnant wife have decided to make a video for their child. Aaron and Josef’s first meeting left me with an immediate sense that something was a bit off with Josef. Once he gets  more in depth with Aaron about his exact needs the head games begin. The story has a good premise, it was original and Mark Duplass gave a pretty good performance playing the crazy, off-centered, eccentric man who just wants to create some descent memories for his son before he dies.

I believe the weak points of the film are the holes in the story and limited character development. I also would have enjoyed the movie more as a regular film not pov.  That would have given the opportunity to present a story with a  stronger background supporting the plot. There are many unanswered questions about Josef who comes off as lonely and possessive but soon  you come to find that he’s a wolf in sheeps clothing.






Clown (2014)




A young boy named Jack is thrown a birthday party by his parents Kent and Meg. The party was to feature a clown but he became a no show. His father Kent decides to take his place and puts on an old clown outfit that he found in a trunk at a home his real estate company is trying to sell. After the party Kent tries to take his costume off but finds he’s having trouble. He struggles to pull his rubber nose off, the clown wig won’t budge and it’s as if it’s fastened with super glue, and last but not least his clown outfit becomes stuck to his body. He makes many attempts to take it off but it won’t budge. He has to continue living his life in a clown costume which offers up many comedic situations while he goes to work and runs errands. After a while he starts to feel the physical changes within him and realizes that he’s starting to crave the taste of children. Not only must he avoid children, but he also needs answers for the sake of the safety of his own son and wife.

He tries to pinpoint where the costume came from and meets a man named Herbert Karlsson, a costume shop owner who has knowledge about the costumes origins.  Herbert tells him that it’s not a costume at all. It’s the actual skin of an ancient demon cloyne that eats children and there’s no way to remove it. He avoids his family and tries to isolate himself but the transformation continues and so do his cravings.

This movie was frightening and funny as hell. I’m a huge fan of folklore and this film was able to conjure up a new and creative twisted tale that you can frighten your kids with, just kidding. It was more enjoyable and humorous than I thought it would be. With odd situational humour and one mans lonely journey/transformation into the depths of literal hell and madness.



The Harvest (2013)



The Harvest stars Michael Shannon and Samantha Morton playing Katherine and Richard , a troubled couple with an ill son they’re struggling to take care of. Katherine is a doctor and very neurotic about her son Andy and the type of care he receives at home. His father Richard makes frequent trips to pick up certain medications that are supposed to aid Andy. He is confined to a wheel chair, has no friends, and doesn’t attend school so he’s never experienced friendship with a child his own age until he meets Maryann. She’s an outgoing inquisitive girl who lost her parents in an accident and is sent to live with her grandparents.

While walking around her neighborhood she comes across Andy’s home, and notices him in his bedroom window. She gets his attention and starts visiting him often without his parents knowledge. Andy actually starts enjoying life a bit more playing with his new friend. When his mother finally finds out about Maryann’s visits she bans her from seeing Andy, and nails his windows shut. That doesn’t scare Maryann and she continues seeing him.

She decides to visit him again while his parents are away but gets so distracted she loses track of time. Andy’s parents get back before she has the chance to leave, and she tries to sneak out through his window but discovers they’re nailed shut. She attempts to find another way out but finds she’s trapped, and runs downstairs to the basement where she discovers a disturbing secret about her new friend and his family. Samantha Morton’s performance was reminiscent of Kathy Bates as Annie Wilkes in Misery. In the beginning of the story I found her caring, nurturing, sweet, and over-protective like any mother would be with a sick child. As the film progressed I realized how cold, cruel, and abusive she really was. Her husband Richard was the polar opposite, being more sensitive towards their son and less strict about him having a playmate. Michael Shannon gave a strong supportive performance as a caring father and a man trapped in a loveless marriage. This story has a phenomenal twist and an impressive cast of young actors. I appreciated not being able to figure out where the story was going,  yet still found myself engaged until all was revealed. If you’re a Michael Shannon fan I suggest you see this movie and I believe you’ll enjoy it.














Kirazu (Killers) 2014



In Killers you’ll be met with a kick to the face with the introduction of one of our main characters Nomura, a classy, charming, intelligent, and affluent Japanese business man. The film begins with a look at one of Nomura’s murder victims. You see her strapped to a chair in a room with a sophisticated setup of cameras and video recording equipment. She has a plastic bag taped over her head. She’s sobbing and shaking with panic and fear. Nomura’s wearing a white mask to hide his identity from his recordings while with sarcasm tries to calm his victim down. He turns around and walks towards a table which holds an array of his killing tools of choice, and decides on the hammer. He walks back to his victim and gives her a blow to the head leaving her shaking and in shock. Blood starts pouring down her face when Nomura strikes another fatal blow and the cameras catch his killing ritual from the beginning to his victims last breath.

Nomura is meticulous in cleaning up and uploading his video to a dark web site where members share videos of their killings. This leads us to Bayu, a struggling journalist in Indonesia who shares custody of his daughter with his estranged wife. We learn that he unsuccessfully tried to investigate and expose a corrupt politician named Mr. Dharma. He is eventually drawn and introduced to Nomura through videos he’s watched on the same dark web site that Nomura is a member of. Bayu gets attacked one night by two men in a taxi cab, but manages to kill them both and catch it on camera. He decides to upload it to the site, and Nomura contacts him. This begins their relationship and Nomura’s grooming of Bayu in the joys of killing and keeping discreet.

Nomura and Bayu communicate and share their videos, but we quickly start to realize that Nomura is the killer with no remorse or conscience for that matter. Bayu is the type who tries to kill and stop only the corrupt. Nomura is the more experienced killer who has an extensive history of violence. Bayu is inexperienced, sloppy, and still manages to hold on to his humanity. He is a family man who wants to try to reunite his family. Nomura has no family and lives in a fog of loneliness. I thoroughly enjoyed the Killers film and the juxtaposition of the two main characters. I liked the writing and the way the story flows and weaves the characters lives together. There is much gore so those sensitive to limbs being ripped off torsos, and violence against women may want to pass. Over all, this was a good one for foreign horror lovers and I’ll be looking out for more films from the Mo Brothers.

Backcountry (2014)



Backcountry is a very intense and frightening film based on the tragic story of Jacqueline Perry and Mark Jordan. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/black-bear-kills-woman-camper-north-of-chapleau-ont-1.556281 In the film, a couple (Alex and Jenn) decide to embark on a camping trip to revisit an old childhood hang out spot that Alex used to visit. Alex wants to share a bit of nostalgia with Jenn and is excited to lead her to an old lake in the woods. Jenn is a bit reluctant from the start yet agrees to go on the trip. In the beginning of the trip they enjoy themselves and the wilderness. At one point they run into an odd woodsman who offers to cook them fish which puts Alex off a little because he’s a stranger, but the next day they leave it behind them and continue on their way. Once they reach their destination they are astonished to find out that the lake Alex mentioned isn’t there. The lake isn’t there because they never found it, and they ended up at the wrong spot. They soon realize that they are completely lost and that they also have a black bear on their trail. They have no map or cellphone and have to rely on gut instincts to survive. Think about what it’s like to fight and triumph over fatigue, broken bones, starvation, and having a blood thirsty black bear chasing you down as prey. Scary thought isn’t it? I enjoyed this movie but have serious doubts that I’ll be camping in the woods anytime soon.

Housebound (2014)




Housebound is as creative as it is hilarious. I’m not one for comedy-horror, but the writer of this film did such an excellent job with the story that it quickly became one of my favorite horror films.
We follow a tough girl named Kylie who runs the streets committing crime and giving the finger to the law who has no idea what to do with her or how to straighten her out. After a failed robbery attempt the courts decide on house arrest leaving Kylie confined to her childhood home with her mum, delightfully played by Rima Te Wiata. Tensions grow between Kylie and her mum as time goes by, and she shows no signs of remorse for her behaviour. It isn’t until she starts experiencing strange paranormal occurrences within the home that she starts trying to put the pieces to the puzzle together with her mum and security probation officer as to why these things are happening. I really liked how Kylie’s character was a strong female lead. She didn’t frighten easily and was prepared to figure things out her own way. But do the answers lie with their deranged looking neighbor? Is there more to their old house beneath the surface? You’ll just have to watch. It serves up many laughs AND spooks so I doubt you’ll be disappointed. Cheers and Enjoy!