HELLRAISER: ANTHOLOGY Graphic Novel in April 2017



Right now I’m in the middle of reading the Hellraiser graphic novel series, and after that I plan on reading the Hellraiser Dark Watch series. In April, we’re going to get another Hellraiser graphic novel series and I thought it would be based off the films but will most likely be a collection of all new story lines which is even better. This will be good folks! I’m really enjoying what I’m reading so far with Hellraiser, and am so happy that Clive Barker is very much involved with the graphic novel stories. The series that I’m reading right now doesn’t wander too far off from the original characters and that’s great for fans. When I’m finished with this series, I’ll review it and move on to the Dark Watch, but I’m eager to get the upcoming works from Clive and production. You should visit Clive’s official website for more details!



Simon Dark



Simon Dark caught my eye years ago at one of many visits to my favorite comic book shop, Meltdown Comics in West Hollywood, CA. The cover of Simon Dark issue #1 stated “Gotham’s Other Protector”.  I was immediately drawn to his cryptic mask and the blood dripping from the wire he held in his hands. I read, and with the help of one of my best friends collected the entire series. It’s a unique twist for another super hero of Gotham. I won’t lie, I like the fact that he protects the innocent but much like the Punisher, he isn’t afraid to kill. It’s something that comes naturally to him and he doesn’t give it second thought.


He isn’t human but learns what it means to be human and the emotions that go along with the baggage that he carries. His first love is a young girl that he saves from the hands of a serial killer. She takes a liking to him and introduces him to another world that he is ignorant of. He has no mother but has a creator that pieced him together from the parts of other young men. This is kind of similar to the Frankenstein story. His powers are great but he really isn’t privy to how powerful he is seeing as he figuratively and literally lives his life in the dark. He’s quite the opposite of what we’re used to seeing with The Batman, and it’s refreshing. He isn’t wealthy, he doesn’t have to go through physical training, and he really isn’t a famous name in the city. Just a neighborhood saviour living in the sewers and stealing books. Occasionally emerging at night to forage for whatever he finds useful and following dangerous criminals that pose a threat to innocent people.  I like that there were no cross overs leaving us to focus primarily on Simon’s character and what he brings to Gotham City. I really wish they’d bring this series back as I really do believe that he has a good story line and a great underground following. I could picture a PG-13 or R rated animated series and it doing very successful. One can only dream. Check out more info on Simon Dark. There are single issues which are a bit harder to find in comic shops but you can also look for the complete graphic novel series online.


The Darkstepper Tetralogy: Waterhouse, Sundance, Blackwood, Windwalker

Showcasing Author Antonio Lozada!

I haven’t picked up this one yet myself but it sounds like a very exciting and fun read for those who love supernatural chronicles. Who wouldn’t want to read a cool story about Kung-Fu Witches? This is my suggested read and once I pick it up I’ll be giving you my review 🙂 If you’ve already read it please feel free to guest post your review!

Mind Trap





Mind Trap is an action packed and humorous sci-fi thriller about a young boy named Rudy and his mentor,  Mr. Kloom. Rudy is a boy with a special gift. The only problem is -he doesn’t know how to control it. There are other’s that share the same gift and aren’t as innocent as he is. They are greedy and will stop at nothing to destroy each other in order to harness more power for themselves. Mr. Kloom serves as mentor and protector, a man with the same gift who drifts through life as a toilet paper salesman and pill popping drunk. Mr. Kloom adds to the hilarity of the story just when you’d imagine there’d be no room for laughter. I really enjoyed this story and can’t wait for a sequel. It’s an impressive first novel that was  imagined and written over the course of one summer. Here’s hoping  J.R. Brule has many more boring summers to bring us a series of adventures for Rudy and Mr. Kloom. I am suggesting that you pick this up if you like science fiction and need something fun to read this summer.











The Dark Sacrament: True Stories of Modern-Day Demon Possession and Exorcism


The Dark Sacrament gives us a compilation of stories and an inside look at the experiences of those who have suffered through demonic possession, hauntings, and exorcisms to name a few. The authors also outline the work of two active exorcists, Canon William Lendrum who happens to be Protestant and Father Ignatius McCarthy, a Roman Catholic. Kiely and McKenna’s research includes interviews with the families, victims, clergy, and witnesses and the accounts are terrifying. The stories take place in Ireland, and the families names have been omitted to protect identities. The book is very unsettling and will seriously creep you out but will also enlighten the reader and cover the reassessment of attitudes since our age of science.

The following is an excerpt from the chapter “The Boy Who Communes With Demons.” The boy’s name is Gary and his mother Jessica is questioning him about what he saw at the top of the stairs and who his new friend is.

Gary shrugged, unable to meet his mother’s eye. She pressed on. “Kelly says you have a new friend. Is that true?” “Yes. And it’s none of her business.”
“Is that why you were fighting with her? That wasn’t nice. You never used to fight with Kelly.” She sat down next to him. “Who is this boy? Do I know him?”
“What boy?” Gary asked, in seeming innocence.
“You’re new friend!”
“He’s not a boy. He’s a man.”
“What’s this man’s name darling? Do I know him?”
“His name’s Tyrannus.”
“Tyr-What sort of name is that?”
“I dunno.”
“Where did you meet this man?”
“At the river; it was the man I saw on the throne,” he said, his words tumbling out in a torrent, “the one that was like the Devil, only it wasn’t the devil; it was Tyrannus. He was on the stairs, and he was huge; he was ten times bigger than me.”
Jessica could only stare (Kiely,McKenna 75).

I suggest you pick this one up, even if you don’t believe in this kind of stuff- it’s an enjoyable, informative, and scary read to add to your book collection.

Gerald’s Game (1992)


Gerald’s Game is a disturbing suspense thriller written by Stephen King, and published in 1992. The story centers around a woman named Jessie Burlingame and her husband Gerald. The two decide to take a romantic getaway at their cabin in western Maine where Gerald introduces bondage to the marriage in order to spice things up. He’s able to persuade Jessie into letting him handcuff her to the bed but she’s very reluctant. Once he starts to initiate sex by climbing on top of her she quickly changes her mind and begins to plead for him to uncuff her hands but he doesn’t listen. He continues even though he knows she doesn’t want to partake in the game anymore.

Finally, Jessie kicks Gerald in the stomach and the blow is so hard that he falls off the bed and cracks his skull which leads to him having a heart attack. Jessie is left alone and hand cuffed to the bed. She has no way of escaping and her husbands rotting corpse is right in front of her. To top that all off, a stray dog enters the cabin and starts feeding on Gerald.

Stephen presents an excellent mix of disturbing psychological hallucinations and macabre situations. Jessie is forced to use her wits in order to survive the obstacles consuming her including the voices she starts hearing in her head. I’ve been a big fan of Stephen’s work since the age of 12, and wasn’t expecting so much from one twisted scenario. Every fan of horror/thriller novels should have this title in their collection.

Ouija: The Most Dangerous Game

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Is it just a game? When you ask the Ouija board a question, who is it that answers? What about those stories of Ouija-inspired prophecy and clairvoyance?

What are the dangers of the Ouija board? Do you know the stories of Ouija-inspired murders, madness, obsession and possession?
Exalted by some, condemned by others, there’s no doubt the Ouija is controversial. In this fascinating book Stoker Hunt investigates the history and legacy of this “Mystic Talking Oracle.”

Finished reading this book and it was very interesting. The author dives into the past and present use of the ouija board and I learned things about the board that I never knew. It’s a fun read so check it out.