Gerald’s Game Film



Are you as excited for the Gerald’s Game movie as I am? I’m even more thrilled that Mike Flanagan will be sitting in the director’s chair. Flanagan directed Oculus, which was an amazing mind-bender of a horror film so I’m eager to see how the adaptation from book to film plays out.

Check out his Fangoria interview at the link below…

Gerald’s Game (1992)


Gerald’s Game is a disturbing suspense thriller written by Stephen King, and published in 1992. The story centers around a woman named Jessie Burlingame and her husband Gerald. The two decide to take a romantic getaway at their cabin in western Maine where Gerald introduces bondage to the marriage in order to spice things up. He’s able to persuade Jessie into letting him handcuff her to the bed but she’s very reluctant. Once he starts to initiate sex by climbing on top of her she quickly changes her mind and begins to plead for him to uncuff her hands but he doesn’t listen. He continues even though he knows she doesn’t want to partake in the game anymore.

Finally, Jessie kicks Gerald in the stomach and the blow is so hard that he falls off the bed and cracks his skull which leads to him having a heart attack. Jessie is left alone and hand cuffed to the bed. She has no way of escaping and her husbands rotting corpse is right in front of her. To top that all off, a stray dog enters the cabin and starts feeding on Gerald.

Stephen presents an excellent mix of disturbing psychological hallucinations and macabre situations. Jessie is forced to use her wits in order to survive the obstacles consuming her including the voices she starts hearing in her head. I’ve been a big fan of Stephen’s work since the age of 12, and wasn’t expecting so much from one twisted scenario. Every fan of horror/thriller novels should have this title in their collection.