HELLRAISER: ANTHOLOGY Graphic Novel in April 2017



Right now I’m in the middle of reading the Hellraiser graphic novel series, and after that I plan on reading the Hellraiser Dark Watch series. In April, we’re going to get another Hellraiser graphic novel series and I thought it would be based off the films but will most likely be a collection of all new story lines which is even better. This will be good folks! I’m really enjoying what I’m reading so far with Hellraiser, and am so happy that Clive Barker is very much involved with the graphic novel stories. The series that I’m reading right now doesn’t wander too far off from the original characters and that’s great for fans. When I’m finished with this series, I’ll review it and move on to the Dark Watch, but I’m eager to get the upcoming works from Clive and production. You should visit Clive’s official website for more details!



Potential Black Hole Project?


I had no idea that this was even a consideration. If you’ve ever read Charles Burn’s Black Hole you’d probably be just as excited as I was to find out that David Fincher of all directors was in talks to adapt the story into a screenplay. Black Hole is a dark parody that follows young adults through a trippy world of uncertainty in dealing with an std that horribly disfigures you. They wander through life asking the same bs questions about life, love, and the future in general all while carrying this sexually transmitted plague. You can read a bit more on it by clicking below. Just thought it’d be a cool project to keep an eye on since this article was written in 2013. Maybe Fincher is still trying to hash this out heh?



The Darkstepper Tetralogy: Waterhouse, Sundance, Blackwood, Windwalker

Showcasing Author Antonio Lozada!

I haven’t picked up this one yet myself but it sounds like a very exciting and fun read for those who love supernatural chronicles. Who wouldn’t want to read a cool story about Kung-Fu Witches? This is my suggested read and once I pick it up I’ll be giving you my review 🙂 If you’ve already read it please feel free to guest post your review!

The Slow Wrenching and Painful Process of Producing The Sandman Film



Remember a while back when I posted news about the upcoming Sandman project being worked out between Joseph Gordon Levitt and Neil Gaiman? Well, last night I discovered much to my dismay that this shite ain’t happening. I’m very saddened yet relieved to hear this and here’s why. Joseph Gordon Levitt made the decision to not move forward as I believe he has much respect for Gaiman, his creation, and the fans. This decision speaks to me and I respect him as someone who doesn’t just see dollar signs but respects the art of cinema and good story telling.

The penned writer, Eric Heisserer explained that the whole concept and idea of Sandman would work better as a series/mini-series and I agree. I’ve read the entire Sandman series and as a big fan of Neil Gaiman, I understand why it would work. It wouldn’t be possible to hash out so many story lines and characters in a 2 hour film and have the movie make since, especially if you’ve never read Sandman and have little familiarity with the character. If they were to go ahead with a film I’m afraid they would end up with what happened with The Suicide Squad. It’d probably be difficult to follow, feel rushed, and wouldn’t do this character any justice.

Production would have to work really hard to introduce this character to those who’ve never read it and a series would be able to accomplish that. We would have a beginning which would follow Sandman, his siblings, the goings on in his kingdom, his lovers, anguish, and his adventures travelling through dreams. A middle, which would consist of the stealing of his dream helmet out of jealousy and a lust for more power. And our ending, which would have Sandman going through hell to get his dream helmet back and bringing peace back to his kingdom. Something along those lines? I’ve been meaning to purchase the entire graphic novel series for a while now, but haven’t done so yet. It’s a great series and once I started reading it I couldn’t stop. I suggest you give it a read too, as I believe you will become completely immersed in the dream world. Maybe New Line will have something else in the works for Sandman but if they do I’m hoping Neil has complete creative control over it. You can check out the following article for more details…


Silent Hills for Playstation 4




For die hard fans of Silent Hill the departure of Guillermo Del Toro and Hideo Kojima was a huge blow. Fans everywhere were excited and looking forward to the most recent installment of the Silent Hill installment Silent Hills which was to include voice over contributions by The Walking Dead’s, Norman Reedus. After all the buzz things just fell flat after Kojima decided to part ways with Konami for good reasons. Guillermo has been quoted as saying “Fuck Konami” and I couldn’t agree more. The Silent Hill franchise has the most loyal fan base,  and in terms of sales would have made Konami a great profit. I’m disappointed in where Silent Hill is heading in general. There’s no new news about the game and the sequel to the Silent Hill movie, 2001’s Silent Hill: Revelation was incredibly disappointing. I’m a total fan-girl, over obsessed, Silent Hill nerd fanatic and this game’s concept is so cool that it’s surprising to see Konami put such an iconic and classic game on the back burner. People are literally waiting and creating blogs, websites, Facebook fan pages,etc to keep what makes this franchise so special alive. We fans are addicted to the stories, the creatures, protagonists, and everything else that lured us into this game in the first place.

Dearest Konami,

Silly, silly, stupid, stupid, decision. Don’t you want to make money while pleasing a loyal fan base which would guarantee great profits??? Don’t you want to give us our Pyramid Head fix encouraging fan-nerds everywhere to bring it with cos-play at our local comic-cons? Didn’t you think about The Walking Dead fans and how they’d flock to support the brilliant Norman Reedus as he crossed over into this hellish world?

Anyway, to read some more details about the falling out and the future of our beloved game click the link below.



What do you think about the next Silent Hill game? Do you think it’ll ever happen? Is Konami done with this franchise for good?

28 Months Later???


Real excited at the prospect of another 28 Days sequel. I used to watch 28 Days so much that I had to get rid of my dvd. I was a 28 Days addict. Since then Danny Boyle went on to direct Sunshine and ever since then I always looked forward to seeing anything his name was attached to. My fellow 28 series fans we finally have hope! Enjoy the following article explaining how Danny has been in talks about a 28 Month’s later sequel.




It all goes south in the must see trailer for Southbound

We’ll no doubt see our fair share of anthologies this year—seeing that they’ve been on the rise lately—but there’s one that made quite a bit of noise last year during its festival run and that film is the open road thriller Southbound. To say there’s a lot of buzz surrounding this one would be an understatement, and you’ll quickly see why after watching its fantastic first trailer. What stood out to me the most about this trailer—even more than its unmistakably eerie atmosphere and striking visuals—was that every segment looks amazing, each teasing their own wicked brand of horror.

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